Masak Lemak Perut dan Rebung Recipe

Masak Lemak Perut dan Rebung Recipes

Ingredients :

100gm pickled bamboo shoots

800gm beef

80gm onion

40gm garlic

3 pcs lemongrass

50gm chili 'padi'

40gm turmeric

1 liter coconut milk

seasoning to taste

Method :

To blend: onion, garlic, chili 'padi' and turmeric and cut lemongrass into half. Slice beef and boil till it become soft. Sauté the blended ingredients without using oil. Add in lemongrass. Wait till it thickens.

Add in coconut milk and stir well. Add in seasoning and beef. Finally, add in the pickled bamboo shoots and served with rice.

Serves 4

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