Popular Malaysian Souvenirs

Popular Malaysian Souvenirs

Batik - A versatile fabric with hand-drawn or printed motifs, available in traditional or contemporary styles. Choose from the wide range of batik items, from pareos, sarongs, shirts and dresses. Also available are purses and household items such as cushion covers, place mats and tablecloths that will instantly give a touch of class to your home. Want to make your own batik? Jadi Batek Centre offers classes for beginners.

Pewterware - Exquisitely crafted pewterware is available as beer tankards, goblets, tea and coffee sets, picture frame, clocks, vases and other decorative items. Popular pewter brands include Royal Selangor, Tumasek, and Mariwasa.

Woodcarvings - A range of fascinating woodcarvings can be found in the city. These include the aboriginal woodcarvings or the Orang Asli (or "indigenous people"). Also in abundance are woodcarvings from Sabah and Sarawak in East Malaysia.

Pottery and Ceramics - These beautifully crafted pieces come mainly from the states of Sarawak and Peak. Sarawak pottery is easily distinguished by their unmistakable ethnic markings and are larger in size. The distinctly shaped Labu Sayong from Perak were traditionally used as water receptacles.

Weaved Pandanus - Products made from pandanus or woven screwpine leaves make beautiful gifts and souvenirs. They include practical and elegant bags which come in a variety of designs and colors. There are also floor mats, table mats, trinket boxes and gift boxes in attractive contemporary designs.

Songket - Malaysian songket is a stunning fabric laced with golden or silver thread work. This decorative cloth, exclusively used by royalty, is painstakingly hand woven to perfection by skilled artisans. It is available as traditional costumes as well as splendid evening gowns. Take home a piece that is rich with legacy passed through the generations.

Silk - Some of the world's finest silk can be found right here in KL! Whether locally made or imported from Thailand, the quality varies greatly.

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