Tiger Prawns with Vegetable, Campary Ketchup and Lemon Agar Agar Recipe

Tiger Prawns with Vegetable, Campary Ketchup and Lemon Agar Agar Recipes

Ingredients :

2 pieces tiger prawns without shell

2 slices eggplant

1 tomato (cut into half with skin removed)

50ml olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

dill and mint leave for decoration


Tomato Ketchup -

1 glass Campari

100g tomato

30g sugar

20ml vinaigrette

5g salt


Lemon Agar Agar -

4g agar agar

1 lemon

1 glass water

Method :

Tomato Ketchup - In a pan, pour sugar to caramelize. Add vinaigrette, tomato and campari to boil for 2 minutes and then remove from heat. Blend mixture finely with a kitchen processor.

Lemon Agar Agar - Peel lemon and squeeze juices out. Remove all white parts of the lemon skin and dice to small cubes. Boil lemon juice and lemon skin in water and add agar agar. Place the mixture onto a container in the fridge until set. Remove from fridge and cut agar agar into cubes.

Tiger Prawn - In a hot pan with olive oil, place tiger prawns, eggplant, tomato onto it and season with salt and pepper. Cook prawns on both sides and remove when it's cooked.

Finishing touches - Place vegetable and prawns, campari ketchup and lemon agar agar on a pate and decorate with chopped mint leaves and dill. Serve hot.

Serves 1

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