Nasi (Rice) Ulam Recipe

Nasi (Rice) Ulam Recipes

Ingredients :





1 tbsp

600 g

600 g

1 tbsp

5 cups



1 bowl

grated coconut, dry fried and pounded

shallots, finely sliced and fried until brown and crispy

cloves garlic, finely sliced and fried

turmeric leaf, finely shredded

lime leaves, finely shredded

fish, fried and flaked

small prawns, cleaned and fried in


cooked rice

cucumber, diced

red and green chilies, sliced

bowl chicken stock

salt to taste

oil for frying

Method :

Mix the rice with all the ingredients, adding in a little at a time. Use the chicken stock to moisten the mixture to taste. Serve with a sambal of your choice.

Serves 4 - 6

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