Nyonya Cooking Recipes

Nyonya Cooking Recipe

The Chinese have always excelled historically as travellers. Centuries before Marco Polo made his famous journey half-way across the world, the Chinese traders, scholars and monks had voyaged as far west as Afghanistan and as far south as Sumatra. And when Melaka (Malaysia) was established as one of the world's great trading centres in the fifteenth century, even more Chinese flocked to the city. Some of the Chinese traders decided to move there permanently and took Malay wives. And this is how the Nyonya culture begins.

The basic essentials in Nyonya cooking are lemon grass (serai), galangal (lengkuas), coconut milk (santan), chilies and limes as well as palm sugar (gula Melaka), glutinous rice flour and screw pine (pandan) leaves.

Look at the colorful Talam range of Nyonya Kuih which are very pleasing to the eye as well as the taste buds. The Kuih Lapis and Pulut Tekan with its accompaniment of Seri Kaya can be used as centerpieces for any functions. Of all the Talam, Pulut Tekan is the most exciting and appealing. Talam means tray and so the kuih presented here will all be done in the steaming tray. Coconut milk, grated coconut, eggs, glutinous rice, rice flour are used in endless ways in the making of the Talam range with delectable end results.

Certain iron-clad rules must be followed for the results to be perfect anytime. For example, the coconut must not be too old, and only the white part must be used. Otherwise, the kuih will be too oily. If there are droplets of water on the bottom layer, the top layer will not be able to stick. So use a cloth on gently dab such droplets away.

Basic to Nyonya cooking are numerous spices, chilies, spring onions, lemongrass, and pungent roots, pounded to just the right consistency in a mortar and pestle. This rempah is cooked in oil for a few minutes before being stirred into the other ingredients. Nonya cooks are very proud of their skill when it comes to pounding spices. It is said that an experienced cook can tell from listening to the rhythm of the pounding, whether the person is a good cook or not, and from the sound made by the pestle which spices is being pulverized.

A Nyonya cook will use Malay spices, coconut milk, and sambals (dipping sauces) to create her dishes, but adds less chili, peppercorns, and turmeric than would a Malay cook. Nevertheless, nyonya food is spicy compared to Chinese food. Rich with coconut milk, it incorporates roots, such as turmeric, ginger, and galangal, as well as aromatic leaves and belacan (shrimp paste). Nyonya cooks have developed a line of sweet desserts and cakes from glutinous rice, Malaccan palm sugar (Gula Melaka) and syrup, and freshly grated coconut and coconut cream. A particular favorite is naga sari, a soft white jellylike pudding made of mung beans, sugar, and coconut milk. Nyonya cooking is considerably sweeter and milder than Malay cooking.

Nyonya Recipes - Noodles (Mee)
  1. Brithday Noodles (Mee)

  2. Mah Mee Special

  3. Nyonya Noodles (Mee)

  4. Spicy Fried Vermicelli (Mee Siam)

  5. Sweet Noodles with Hard Boiled Eggs

Nyonya Recipes - Chicken

  1. Buah Keluak Chicken

  2. Cekor Chicken

  3. Chicken Curry

  4. Chicken Tempra

  5. Chicken with Red Sauce

  6. Enche Kebin

  7. Fried Chicken Nyonya Style

  8. Grilled Chicken

  9. Shredded Chicken with Screw Pine (Pandan Leaves)

  10. Sioh Chicken

  11. Stewed Chicken

Nyonya Recipes - Seafood

  1. Bean Sprouts with Salt Fish

  2. Chilli Crabs

  3. Crispy Cuttlefish

  4. Cuttlefish with Vegetables

  5. Fish Head Curry

  6. Fresh Water Prawns in Curry

  7. Fried Salt Fish

  8. Honey Grilled Trout

  9. Hot Mackerel (Tenggiri Pedas)

  10. Penang Asam Fish

  11. Pickled Fish

  12. Pineapple Crabs

  13. Sour Fish Curry

  14. Sour Fish Soup

  15. Spicy Prawns in Banana Leaves (Pais Udang)

  16. Stuffed Cuttlefish with Peanut Sauce

  17. Sweet and Sour Cuttlefish

Nyonya Kuih Recipes

  1. Kuih Kosui

  2. Kuih Lapis

  3. Kuih Talam

  4. Talam Keladi

  5. Pulut Tekan

  6. Seri Muka

  7. Seri Kaya

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  1. Chicken or Prawn Croquettes

  2. Coriander Duck Ark Siew

  3. Hard Boiled Egg in Thick Spicy Gravy (Egg Sambal)

  4. Lime Pickles

  5. Mixed Vegetable Pickle (Acar Awak)

  6. Nyonya Glutinous Rice Dumpling

  7. Pickled Onions

  8. Spicy Fish Cakes in Banana Leaf (Otak-Otak)

  9. Spring Rolls (Poh Piah)

  10. Stuffed Chili

Nyonya Recipes - Meat

  1. Beef Rendang

  2. Beef with Bitter Gourd

  3. Kidney Soup

  4. Meatball Soup (Bawan Kepeting)

  5. Meat Rolls (Loh Bah)

  6. Pork Fat in Soy Bean Paste and Chilies

Nyonya Recipes - Rice (Nasi)

  1. Malacca (Melaka) Fried Rice (Chow Fan)

  2. Nasi Kemuli (Nyonya Wedding Rice)

  3. Nasi (Rice) Ulam

  4. Nyonya Fried Rice

  5. Penang Laksa

  6. Pot Laksa

  7. Rice Cooked in Coconut Milk Nyonya Style (Nasi Lemak Nyonya)

  8. Turmeric Rice (Nasi Kunyit)

  9. Yellow Glutinous Rice (Nasi Kunyit)

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