Pigeon Recipes

Pigeon Recipe

Pigeon is another common ingredient in making wonderful dishes. "Supreme" pigeons are those very fleshy pigeons, usually boned, and stir fried sliced or shredded. Young pigeon has tender meat and soft bones. Whole pigeons can be marinated in spiced sauce until done or deep fried. Pigeon contains more cholesterol but has a strong flavor. It tastes better if served with vegetables or double-steamed into a fragrant and flavorful soup.

  1. Coddled Pigeon with White Fungus

  2. Minced Pigeon Wraps

  3. Pigeon in Fish Gravy

  4. Pigeons with Grapes

  5. Quail Eggs with Coriander and Mint Mayonnaise

  6. Stuffed Pigeon with Job's Tears and Ginseng

  7. Stuffed Sweet Potato Balls with Minced Pigeon

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