How to Carve Loin and Leg of Pork ?

How to Carve Loin and Leg of Pork ?

How to Carve Loin of Pork ?

- Remove the crackling first to make carving easier. Cut the crackling into thin strips, following the scored lines, and place on the serving dish.

- Sever the chined bone from the chop bones and discard it.

- Divide the joint into chops, cutting between the rib bones, and arrange on the serving dish with the crackling. Alternatively, loosen the meat from the rib bones and then cut off in neat slices, without dividing it into chops.

How to Carve a Leg of Pork ?

- As with pork loin, use the knife to cut through the crackling and remove it before carving the meat. This makes carving much easier. DO not, however, take off and serve the crackling from meat which you will not be carving. Carve the leg of pork in a similar way to a shoulder of lamb.

- Make a series of vertical parallel cuts down to the bone, keeping the slices fairly thin.

- Slice horizontally along the bone, freeing all the vertical slices.

- Then turn the joint over and cut horizontal slices from the other side of the joint.

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