Leek Roulade Recipe

Leek Roulade Recipes

Ingredients :



2 tbsp

2 tbsp




1 tsp

leeks, sliced

eggs, separated

Parmesan cheese, grated

chives, chopped

bacon, chopped

butter or margarine

mushrooms, chopped

dry mustard

Method :

Line a Swiss roll pan with oiled greaseproof paper. Pre-heat oven to hot 200C (400F). Boil leeks in water for 3 minutes. Drain well., mix egg yolks with half the cheese. Stir in leeks and chives. Beat egg whites until stiff peaks form. Fold whites into leek mixture. Spread mixture evenly over greaseproof paper. Bake for 15 minutes until firm. While roulade is cooking, sauté bacon in butter until browned. Add mushrooms, cook 2 minutes, stir in mustard. When cooked, turn roulade out onto a clean, soft tea towel. Remove greaseproof paper, spread bacon mixture over the top. Sprinkle with remaining cheese, roll up as for a Swiss roll. Serve sliced with salad.

Serves 6

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