Parma Ham and Figs Recipe

Parma Ham and Figs Recipes

Ingredients :

12 fresh figs

175 g


black, green or golden, as available

Parma or other cured and uncooked ham, sliced wafer thin

lemon, quartered

a few watercress sprigs, to garnish

Method :

Leave the figs in a warm room or in the sun in order to serve them slightly warm. Remove the stalks and slice the figs in half lengthways, to show off the seed color to advantage. Arrange the ham on individual plates with the fig slices in a decorative pattern.

Garnish with a very little watercress and the wedge of lemon. Some people find that the juice brings out the full flavor of the figs. Serve with thinly sliced whole meal bread.

Serves 4

Note : Fresh figs are available for such a short season, in the autumn, that they are always a luxury. Serve and present them at their best - simply halved.

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