Claypot Rice with Preserved Meat Recipe

Claypot Rice with Preserved Meat Recipes

Ingredients :

450g fragrant rice

150g small choy sam (read in Chinese) (cabbage)

150g Chinese sausage

150g Chinese pork liver sausage

100g cured meat

some coriander

some spring onion

600ml water



1.5 tbsp fry shallot oil

1 tbsp fine dark soy sauce

Method :

Rinse rice and remove to drain. Scald small choy sam (cabbage) in boiling water, remove to drain. Peel Chinese sausage, cut into slices. Peel Chinese pork liver sausage and cured meat, cut into pieces. Cut ham into slices. Cut coriander and spring onion into pieces.

Place the rice into a pot, braise over high heat till the water is almost dried up. Remove the lid, add in Chinese sausage, Chinese pork liver sausage, cured meat and ham. Cover the pot and braise over low heat till well cooked.

Remove the lid, add in Seasoning, spread up small choy sam, garnish with coriander and spring onion. Serve.

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