Garam Masala Recipe

Garam Masala Recipes

Ingredients :

50g coriander seeds

50g cumin seeds

25g black peppercorns

2-3 pieces of cassia bark

2 tsp cloves

10 brown cardamoms

1 nutmeg

10 bay leaves

2 tsp ground ginger

Method :

Lightly most everything except the ground ginger under a low to medium grill, or in a low oven (325F), gas mark 3, 5-10 minutes, until the spices as fragrant and give off a light steam - do not let them burn. Leave to cool, then grind. You can use a coffee grinder if you grind only small quantities and break up large items first.

Add the ground ginger, mix thoroughly and store in an airtight jar in a dark place. Garam masala will taste fresh for several months, but remember to make a fresh batch every few months to get the best flavors.

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