Rice Recipes

Rice Recipes

Plain white rice is always useful; brown rice has lots of extra fiber and vitamins, but remember that it takes much longer to cook. When you make the rice, add an extra cupful (and 2 extra cupful of water) to the pot to make extra rice for a quick meal later of fried rice. Store the extra rice in the refrigerator - fried rice must be made with leftover cold rice or it will be sticky.

Half the world's population relies on rice for nourishment. Asian countries are the number one rice lovers and produce four-fifths of the world's harvest. The leading producers are China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Bangladesh. For over 25 years, Africa has been dependent on the world market as its own production is unable to keep up with its strong demographic growht. Countries like Senegal, Nigeria and Madagascar must import American rice.

Discriminating consumers prefer high quality rice and are willing to pay more for certain specific grains. Indian basmati rice has become a top end product with its demand increasing. The problem is its limited supply and there is great potential for investors to venture into commercial production of this long grain rice.

A Cereal of Many Uses - Rice

Different Types of Rice and Cooking Methods

Rice Cooking Methods

  1. Almond Rice with Green Peas

  2. Beef and Brown Rice

  3. Brown Rice

  4. Creamed Rice with Minted Citrus Compote

  5. Coconut Rice

  6. Coriander Rice

  7. Creamy Rice

  8. Easy Paella

  9. Fish and Rice Ratatouille

  10. Fruit and Rice Compote

  11. Hawaiian Chicken Rice

  12. Herbed Rice

  13. Lemon Rice Fritters

  14. Mushroom and Wild Rice Stuffing

  15. Orange Peanut Rice

  16. Orange Rice

  17. Plain Boiled Rice

  18. Red Ribbon Rice

  19. Rice Stuffed Avocados

  20. Savory Rice

  21. Sesame Rice

  22. Spanish Eggs and Rice

  23. Spanish Rice

  24. Spiced Rice with Chicken

  25. Traveler's Rice

  26. Vegetable Rice

  27. Vegetable Rice Pilaf

  28. Whiting with Sweet and Sour Rice

  29. Whole Meal Rice

Japanese Rice Recipes

  1. Baby Clam Rice

  2. Boiling Rice and Sumeshi

  3. Rice Balls

  4. Tempura Rice Bowl

Indian Rice Recipes

We have India to thank for a large number of our favourite rice dishes. Whether side dishes or main meals, there are countless rice recipes from India.

  1. Chicken and Rice (Murg Chawal)

  2. Chicken Biryani

  3. Coconut and Sesame Rice (Ellu Sadam)

  4. Egg Fried Rice

  5. Fragrant Fried Rice

  6. Lemon Rice (Nimbu Chawal)

  7. Savoury Rice with Madras Curry

  8. Steamed Rice Cakes (Idli)

  9. Sweet Saffron Rice

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Malaysian Rice Recipes

  1. Anchovies in Hot Sauce

  2. Briyani Rice Darat

  3. Home Style Fried Rice Vermicelli

  4. Malaysian Fried Rice

  5. Prawn Rice Noodle Rolls

  6. Rice in Banana Leaves

  7. Rice in Coconut Milk

  8. Rice in Ghee

  9. Rice, Prawns and Tofu

  10. Simple Broth

  11. Tomato Rice

  12. Tunny Curry

  13. Wild Rice Salad with Toasted Pecans

  14. Yellow Rice

Chinese Rice Recipes

  1. Chicken in Glutinous Rice

  2. Chicken Rice - It consists of fragrant rice and steamed or roasted chicken with cucumber, chili, ginger and dark soy sauce. A perfect match.

  3. Coriander Turkey Rice Recipe

  4. Fried Rice

  5. Green Rice

  6. Rice and Chicken Livers

  7. Spiced Rice Recipe

  8. Steamed Chicken and Sausage Rice

  9. Yang Chow Fried Rice

  10. Yang Zhou Fried Rice with Prawns

Thai Rice Recipes

  1. Chicken and Mushroom Rice

  2. Spicy Fried Rice

  3. Thai Fried Rice

Vietnamese Rice Recipes

  1. Meal One Rice Salad

  2. Seafood Fried Rice

  3. Steamed Chicken and Rice


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