Chicken Wing Skewers Recipe

Chicken Wing Skewers Recipes

Ingredients :

8 chicken wings (the middle part and the tip)

1 five spices bean curd

38 g shallot

8 bamboo sticks

a few slices ginger

Sauce :

2 tbsp liquid from steaming chicken wings

1/4 tsp chicken powder

1/2 tsp caltrop starch

pinch of pepper

Marinade :

1 tsp dark soy sauce

1/3 tsp light soy sauce

1/3 tsp salt

1/3 tsp chicken powder

2/3 tsp sugar

dash of ginger juice

dash of sesame oil

Method :
  1. Soak chicken wings in diluted salty water.
  2. Wash, wipe dry and marinate for at least 2 hours.
  3. Skewer on bamboo sticks.
  4. Slice or shred five spices bean curd.
  5. Wash shallot, remove heads and roots and section.
  6. Arrange five spices bean curd, shallot and chicken wing skewers on plate.
  7. Steam for 12 minutes, remove.
  8. Bring sauce to the boil and pour over chicken and bean curd, serve.

Serves 4

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