Summer Cooking Recipes

Summer Cooking Recipes

Summer bring the sun - enticing you outdoors to enjoy the warmth and social atmosphere! Entertain your friends or feed your family with the salads, barbecued fare of simple and satisfying meals.

Enjoy summer cooking recipes that are light and satisfying - perfect for a barbecue lunch or an al fresco dinner on a balmy evening.

Fresh clams and garden-fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits are the things a midsummer night's dream is made of. This easy, delicious meal can be prepared so quickly, you will have a plenty of time to sit outside listening to the sounds of night. Summer Salmon Roast is a wonderful light dish brimming with the flavors of summer - fresh herbs, ripe cherry tomatoes, and lemon juice. The fish is finished off with a crunchy nut topping. With the salmon, serve couscous, rice salad, or French bread.

Summer Cooking Recipes - Soup

  1. Chilled Minted Pea Soup

  2. Corn Soup

  3. Gazpacho

  1. Asparagus with Crispy Prosciutto

  2. Barbecued Pork Ribs

  3. Spicy Pork Burger

  4. Beef Fillet with Beetroot Relish

  5. Veal Schnitzel with Parmesan, Parsley and Garlic Crust

  6. Chargrilled Baby Octopus

  7. Chicken Pasta Salad with Black Olive Dressing

  8. Chicken San Choy Bau

  9. Chicken Tostadas

  10. Honey Soy Chicken Drumsticks

  11. Lemon Chicken and Pea Salad

  12. Fish Fillets with Asian Salad and Smoked Almonds

  13. Teriyaki Fish with Mango Salsa

  14. Sea Bass in Sweet and Sour Sauce

  15. Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls

  16. Individual Italian Summer Tarts

  17. Lamb Satay

  18. Lamb Souvlaki Roll

  19. Marinated Lamb Cutlets

  20. Polenta Crumbed Chicken with Salsa

  21. Ricotta Balls with Lemon Dressing

  22. Salad Pizza

  23. Seafood Pasta

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  1. Seafood Salad

  2. Chargrilled Salmon in Lettuce Cups

  3. Smoked Salmon Camembert and Dill Frittata

  4. Smoked Salmon Won Ton Stack

  5. Summer Salmon Roast

  6. Spaghetti with Lemon and Rocket

  7. Steak Sandwich

  8. Thai Beef Salad

  9. Warm Potato Salad

  10. Whole Wheat Fettuccini with Salmon and Sage

Summer Cooking Recipes - Vegetable

  1. Bruschetta

  2. Caesar Salad

  3. Cold Soba Noodles with Japanese Mushrooms

  4. Corn and Sweet Potato Fritters

  5. Pasta with Pesto and Summer Vegetables

  6. Tuna, Tomato and Green Bean Salad

  7. Vegetable Terrine

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