Thailand Cooking Recipes

Thai Cooking Recipes

Thai (Thailand) cuisine is wonderfully varied, full of interesting textures and flavors. It combines the best aspects of a number of Oriental cuisines, including Malaysian, Chinese, Indian and Arabian, yet has a distinctive character all its own. It's also a healthy and nutritious style of cooking because it uses small lean portions of meat, poultry and seafood and masses of vegetables and fruit. Thai food is also lightly cooked to create crisp, colorful, flavorsome dishes. These recipes make authentic Thai cuisine so simple for the home cook.

"Aromas, delicious food and energetic atmosphere help make Bangkok's streets a dining delight." Foreign influence when it comes to eating, here in the form of roti (bread), is in evidence throughout Bangkok. The delicacy spiced muu yor is a staple in the northeast.

Thai Sweet Chili Sauce - This mild, sweet chili sauce is used as a flavoring and as a dipping sauce. Store in refrigerator after opening.

More Thailand Food Recipes

Thailand Appetizers Cooking Recipes

  1. Crab Rolls Thailand Recipe

  2. Curried Noodles (Guay Teon Kaeng)

  3. Egg Noodles with Curry Sauce (Kao Sai)

  4. Egg Nests

  5. Fish Parcels with Galangal

  6. Gold Bags Thailand Cooking

  7. Herb Leaf-Wrapped Bundles (Miang Kum)

  8. Pork and Noodle Parcels

  9. Pork Toasts

  10. Spicy Thai Salmon Fish Cakes with Pineapple Salsa

  11. Steamed Crab

  12. Steamed Eggs

  13. Stuffed Chicken Wings

  14. Stuffed Courgettes

  15. Stuffed Eggs

  16. Thai Puffs

Thai Poultry Cooking Recipes

  1. Barbecued Thai Chicken Curry

  2. Chicken Curry with Lemon Grass (Gaeng Gai)

  3. Chicken in Coconut Milk

  4. Chicken with Basil Leaves

  5. Chicken with Chili Vinegar and Pickled Cabbage (Kao Mok Gai)

  6. Chicken with Coriander

  7. Chicken with Galangal

  8. Chicken with Mange Tout

  9. Chicken with Peanut Sauce

  10. Lemon Grass Chicken Curry

  11. Sliced Chicken with Holy Basil (Phad Pik Gai)

  12. Steamed Chicken Curry

  13. Thai Chicken Salad

  14. Thai Lemon Grass Chicken

  15. Thai Spiced Chicken Recipe

  16. Thai Style Chicken and Coconut Soup

  17. Duck Curry

Thailand Cooking Recipes -  Sauces, Curry

  1. Fragrant Curry Paste

  2. Green Chicken Curry with Eggplant (Gaeng Puang Kai)

  3. Green Curry Paste

  4. Muslim Curry Paste (Krung Kaeng Masaman)

  5. Penang Duck Curry (Gaeng Tianya)

  6. Pineapple Salsa

  7. Pineapple Shrimp Curry (Gaeng Kung)

  8. Red Curry Paste

  9. Thai Dipping Sauce

  10. Thai Green Curry Paste

  11. Thai Sauce

Thailand Cooking Recipes -  Beef

  1. Beef with Potatoes in Muslim Curry (Gaeng Masaman)

  2. Thai Beef Curry

  3. Thai Beef Skewers with Peanut Sauce

  4. Thai Minced Beef

Thai Cooking Recipes -  Rice

  1. Coconut Rice (Khao Man)

  2. Fried Rice (Chao Fan)

  3. Garlic Rice with Tangy Chicken

  4. Prawns with Basil and Rice

  5. Thai Fried Rice

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Thai Soup Cooking Recipes

  1. Chicken and Coconut Soup

  2. Lemon Grass Soup

  3. Omelette Soup with Pork and Coriander (Cilantro) (Moo Kai Nam)

  4. Pork and Peanut Soup

  5. Rice Soup with Prawns (Shrimps) (Kao Tom)

  6. Seafood and Lemon Grass Soup (Tom Yum Tah Leh)

  7. Thai Banana Soup

  8. Thai Mussel Soup

  9. Vermicelli Soup

Thailand Seafood Cooking Recipes

  1. Crab in the Shell (Poo Joa)

  2. Coconut Fish with Galangal

  3. Coriander Fish and Garlic

  4. Fish in Banana Leaf Cups

  5. Fish with Chili Sauce

  6. Fish with Lemon Grass

  7. Fish with Mushroom Sauce

  8. Fish with Tomatoes and Tamarind (Pla Gaeng Phed)

  9. Jacketed Prawns

  10. Mussels with Basil

  11. Prawns and Cucumber Curry

  12. Prawn (Shrimp) Curry with Thai Eggplant (Gaeng Gung Puang)

  13. Prawns in Coconut Sauce

  14. Prawns with Garlic

  15. Shrimp in Coconut and Fennel (Chemmen Serringam)

  16. Stir Fried Prawns and Ginger

  17. Scallops in Roasted Chili Sauce (Pla Hoi Prik)

  18. Calamari (Squid) in Red Curry (Pla Meuk Gaeng Phed)

Thailand Cooking Recipes -  Pork

  1. Mixed Vegetables and Pork

  2. Pork Curry with Ginger (Gaeng Hang Ley)

  3. Pork with Spring Onions

  4. Stir Fried Pork and Beans

  5. Thai Pork Curry Cooking Recipe

Thailand Cooking Recipes -  Vegetables

  1. Mushrooms and Bean Sprouts

  2. Spiced Cabbage

  3. Stir Fried Mange Tout

  4. Stuffed Aubergines

  5. Sweet Sour Thai Vegetables

  6. Thai Stuffed Omelette

  7. Tossed Greens Cooking Recipe

  8. Vegetables with Sauce


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