How to Globe Artichokes ?

How to Globe Artichokes ?

- Cut off the stalk close to the base of the artichoke.

- Trim the points off the lower leaves using sharp kitchen scissors. If you are preparing the artichokes in advance of cooking, rub the cut edges with lemon juice to prevent discoloration.

- Using a sharp knife, cut the top third off the artichokes, to remove the upper leaves.

- Cook the artichokes in lightly salted boiling water for about 10-15 minutes, removing them when they are tender right through.

- Spoon the hairy choke out of the centre of each artichoke and serve them on individual serving plates. Fill the cavity with French Dressing or Hollandaise Sauce. Suck the tender flesh from the plump leaves, removing them one at a time from the outside and dipping them in sauce. Then eat the fleshy heart that remains.

- Alternatively, if you are going to stuff the artichokes, refresh them in cold water after removing from the pan, then remove the hairy chokes from the centers. Stuff the cavities with a stuffing mixture and bake. Serve with a tomato or cream-based sauce.

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