Cucumber and Carrot Garnishes Recipe

Cucumber and Carrot Garnishes Recipes

Ingredients :

1/2 cucumber

1 large carrot

Method :

To make the cucumber garnish, cut the cucumber into a 7.5cm or 3in strip, 2cm or 3/4in wide. Make 5 even cuts along the strip, 12mm or 1/2in in from one end. Curl the second and fourth strips towards the base to form an open loop. The same cucumber strip can be spread out to form an attractive fan shape. To make the carrot garnish, peel the carrot and cut into 6mm or 1/4in slices. Trim the slices into rectangles, 2cm or 3/4in x 7.5cm or 3in. Make a 6mm or 1/4in cut along one edge of the carrot so that the strip is still joined. Make a second cut in the other direction, again so that the strip is joined. Bend the two ends together so that they cross over. This garnish can also be fashioned with giant white radish, cucumber and lemon peel.

Presentation is an important part of South-east Asian cooking. These vegetable decorations are easily prepared.

Makes 2 decorative garnishes

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