Seafood Skewers Vietnamese Recipe

Seafood Skewers Vietnamese Recipes

Ingredients :



210 g



120 ml

1 tablespoon

1 tablespoon

1 tablespoon


raw peeled shrimp

white 10-12 cubes

medium onion

red or green pepper

dry white wine

chopped dill

chopped Thai holy basil leaves

lime juice or vinegar

salt to taste

black pepper

vegetable oil

Spicy Fish Sauce, to serve

Method :

Mix the following ingredients in a bowl - scallops, shrimp, fish, onion and peppers with wine, dill, basil, lime juice or vinegar, salt and pepper. Marinade for 120-180 minutes. Preheat the grill. Put bamboo skewers in hot water for 30-35 minutes. Thread seafood and vegetables alternately on to skewers to allow each skewer to have 2 pieces of all ingredient. Make sure all the skewer have been oil. You may barbecue or cook under hot grill for 6 minutes. When it is ready to serve , serve hot with fish sauce as a dip.

Serves 5

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