Semillon Grape Wine

Semillon Grape Wine

Arguably one of the most underrated varieties of grape, Semillon, Bordeaux's most widely planted white grape, makes delicious dry and sweet wines. With an almost honeyed texture, Semillon is often partnered by Sauvignon Blanc to lift the acidity, although Australian winemakers also blend Semillon with Chardonnay and sometimes Trebbiano.

Some of Australia's greatest wines tem from the grapes grown in the Hunter Valley, where many of the world's longest-lived Semillons are made. When combined with oak, a toasty and creamy dimension is added. An oak-aged Semillon reveals an amazing breadth of flavor and texture, with notes of burnt toast and mineral on the nose.

Sweet Semillons with a wonderful honeyed character are produced in Sauternes, where botrytis (known as the 'noble rot') alters the complexion of the grapes by concentrating the sugar and thus intensifying levels of sweetness. Opulent in style, flavors of apricot, peach, butterscotch, and honey are achieved, and these are balanced with underpinning acidity. Australia's golden late-harvested wines also contribute to this style.

Dry Semillons are made in Australia, Chile, Bordeaux, New Zealand, South Africa, and California; while sweet Semillons originate in Australia, Sauternes and Barsac in France, and in California.

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