Varieties and Characteristics of White Grapes Wine

Varieties and Characteristics of White Grapes Wine

Sauvignon (Sauvignon Blanc - Fumé Blanc)

Wine styles : dry, high acidity, aromatic, herby, grassy, and sometimes smoky scented wine. Blends well with Sémillon.

Regions : Loire, Bordeaux, New Zealand, California, Australia, Chile and South Africa


Wine styles : lowish acidity, soft, good sugars, subject to noble rot.

Regions - Bordeaux (dry and sweet), Australia (Hunter Valley)


Wine styles : dry - produces a range of flavors including pineapple, lemon, biscuit, butter and vanilla (when oak aged). Can be extremely complex. Technically dry, classic grape for Champagne.

Regions : Burgundy, South of France, Champagne, Australia, California, New Zealand, Chile, South Africa and Bulgaria


Wine styles : brilliant, sweet-acid balance, flowery in youth , with subtle, oily scents when mature, often low in alcohol. Subject to noble rot. Dry, medium, and sweet.

Regions : Germany, Alsace, Austria, Australia, California, New Zealand and South Africa

Chenin Blanc

Wine styles : high acidity, dry - taking on honeyed character when mature. Subject to noble rot. Can be sparkling

Regions : Loire (Vouvray / Layon) etc., South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and California

Pinot Blanc

Wine styles : dry, soft, full, honeyed, or crisp, still or fizzy

Regions : north Italy, Alsace and southern Germany

Pinot Gris

Wine styles : fat, alcoholic, spicy, honeyed, dry to sweet

Regions : Alsace, northeast Italy, eastern Europe, New Zealand and Washington State


Wine styles : When sur lie it is dry, tangy, bready, with high acidity

Regions : France - the Loire


Wine styles : dry, fruity, aromatic, apricot flavored subtle, complex, to drink young. Some sweet late harvest

Regions : northern Rhone, south of France and California


Wine styles : full-bodied, spicy and aromatic, dry to very sweet.

Regions : Alsace, northeast Italy, USA, Austria, Germany and New Zealand


Wine styles : floral, grapey, dry to sweet, can be fortified

Regions : Alsace, south of France, northeast Italy, Australia and elsewhere


Wine styles : dry, rich and oily, peachy, nutty

Regions : Rhône, south of France and Australia


Wine styles : aromatic, tropical, and citrus fruits

Regions : Madeira and Australia

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