Beef Recipes

Beef Recipe

Slice the beef the night before you plan to use it, and leave it in the marinade overnight and all day long. It will have picked up a strong soy sauce flavor, so go easy on the soy sauce when you're seasoning the finished dish. To make tacos, use ground beef instead of steak. While cooking the ground beef, add 1 teaspoon of chili powder to it. Mince the pepper and onion instead of slicing. Use taco shells if you're after something crunchy, or stick with the tortillas for soft tacos.

The term "well-aged" frequently appears in connection with beef, in particular, with roast beef. Meat can be eaten when it is freshly slaughtered, but it lacks "finesse, or interesting taste." You may age your roast beef for four weeks, as opposed to many other butchers and steak houses, which age their beef for only two weeks. The reason - When you age beef, the natural enzymes stay active and help to break down any toughness in the meat. Aging can take place in the  open air (also called dry aging) or sealed in plastic (wet aging). A well-aged piece of beef is comparable to a well-aged wine; it develops character, grace, and subtlety. The only thing to watch out for with well-aged beef is mold, within two weeks of aging a piece of beef, mold begins to appear. Always make sure to cut off any sign of mold, or have the butcher cut it out for you. Make sure you cut off all the mold. Cut until you see clean white fat, or until you see bright red meat.

Cooking Tips for Veal -
1) Overcook it so it's tough and tasteless.
2) Smother it in a heavy sauce that drowns its delicate flavor.
3) Serve it at a vegetarian convention.

How Much Meat Per Person: Beef and Veal ?
As my butcher likes to tell me, it's hard to know exactly how much meat to serve unless you know whom you are serving. If 200-pound Uncle John is coming to dinner, you are going to need a lot more than if 90-pound (eats-like-a-bird) Aunt Betty is invited. In other words, consider the size of your guests' appetites and shop accordingly.
For a rib roast : 3/4 pound per person
For a tenderloin or boneless roast : about 1/2 pound per person
For ribs : about 1/2 to 1 pound per person
For veal breast (bone in) : 3/4 to 1 pound per person

How to Choose and Cook Meat by using Boiling, Grilling or Barbecuing ?

What is the Difference Cooking Temperature for Veal and Beef ?

Different Cuts of Beef

Different Cuts of Veal

Australian Beef

  1. Baked Salt Silverside

  2. Beef and Bean Pot

  3. Beef and Hazelnut Stewpot

  4. Beef and Raisin Rolls

  5. Beef Brioche

  6. Beef Cobbler

  7. Beef Curry

  8. Beef Fajitas

  9. Beef Floss

  10. Beef Fondue

  11. Beef in Red Sauce

  12. Beef in Soy Sauce

  13. Beef Mushroom Loaf

  14. Beef Pasties

  15. Beef Pie

  16. Beef Plait

  17. Beef Ragout

  18. Beef Stroganoff

  19. Beef Stuffed Onions

  20. Best Barbecued Ribs

  21. Best Beef Hash

  22. Casserole of Beef with Prunes Cooking Recipe

  23. Chili Beef with Tortilla

  24. Cold Beef Salad with Cornichons

  25. Cream Schnitzel

  26. Eye of the Round with Onion Gravy

  27. Family Beef Stir Fry

  28. Favorite Pot Roast

  29. Hamburger Stroganoff

  30. Haricot Beef

  31. Lentil Stew

  32. Liver in Raspberry Sauce Cooking Recipe

  33. Marinated London Broil with Gravy

  34. Meatballs

  35. One Rib Broil

  36. Osso Bucco with Gooseberries

  37. Oven Beef Stew

  38. Pate Maison

  39. Plantain and Beef Loaf

  40. Pot Roast Dinner

  41. Provencal Flavored Eye of Round Roast

  42. Roast Beef

  43. Roast Beef Champions

  44. Roast Beef Eye Fillet with Soy Sauce

  45. Roast Top Round with Sweet Potatoes and Shallots

  46. Saltimbocca

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  1. Savory Beef Supper

  2. Savory Dumplings

  3. Savory Rolled Rib Roast

  4. Sirloin Steaks with Fresh Herb Marinade

  5. South American Beef Turnovers Recipe

  6. Speedy Meat Loaf

  7. Spicy Sliced Beef

  8. Standing Rib Roast

  9. Stew and Dumplings

  10. Stir Fried Beef with Snow Peas

  11. Sweet Sour Beef

  12. Tex-Mex Baked Potatoes with Chili

  13. West Indian Beef and Pumpkin Stew

Chinese Cooking Recipes - Beef

  1. Barbecued Spareribs

  2. Beef Casserole Dumplings

  3. Beef in Oyster Sauce

  4. Beef Stew

  5. Braised Beef

  6. Braised Beef with Radish

  7. Egg Noodles and Minced Beef

  8. Fried Beef with Spring Onion

  9. Stir Fried Beef with Celery

Beef Cooking Recipes - Veal

  1. French Veal Chops

  2. Roast Veal with Honey Glaze

  3. Veal Chops with Cranberries

  4. Veal Marengo

  5. Veal Marsala

  6. Veal Piccata

  7. Veal Rolls


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