Pot au feu Recipe

Pot au feu (pot-au-feu du languedoc) Recipes

Ingredients :

1.5lb silverside

1.5lb forerib

1lb knuckle of veal, cut into short lengths

12oz unsmoked bacon, in one piece

1 marrow bone

10oz leeks

10oz carrots

10oz white turnips

5.25 pints water


3 cloves garlic

1 stick celery

10 peppercorns

1 large onion stuck with 3 cloves

bouquet garni

Method :

Trim off any excess fat from the meat. Remove any fragments of bone from the veal. Blanch the bacon in boiling water for 15 minutes. Tie the marrow bone in a piece of cloth so taht the marrow cannot escape during cooking. Wash the leeks thoroughly and tie them together to prevent them falling apart during cooking. Peel the carrots and turnips.

Put the water on to boil in a very large saucepan or casserole with 1 tbsp salt. When the water is boiling, put in the silverside, forerib and bacon with the garlic, celery, peppercorns, onion, bouquet garni and marrow bone. Simmer for 90 minutes over a low heat, skimming from time to time. Then add the carrots, turnips, leeks and knuckle of veal and cook for another 90 minutes. Check the seasoning during this period.

To serve, take out the meat, remove the cloth from the marrow bone and carve the meats. Keep warm on a heated plate. Remove and drain the vegetables and untie the leeks. Arrange the vegetables around the meat. When the soup has cooled a little, skim off the fat, then strain through a fine wet cloth. Check the seasoning and serve the soup in a separate tureen. Pickles, gherkins, mustard and bread are the traditional accompaniments to this dish.

Serves 8-10

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