French Beans Kinpira Recipe

French Beans Kinpira Recipes

Ingredients :

225 g


2 tablespoons

2 tablespoons

2 tablespoons

1 tablespoon

French beans, trimmed, or 3 carrots or parsnips, peeled

dried or fresh red chili

vegetable oil


soy sauce


Method :
  1. Cut French beans diagonally into thin strips.

  2. If using carrots or parsnips, cut them into 5 cm (2 in) pieces, slicing lengthways and then cut into strips.

  3. If using dried chili, soak it in warm water for 10-15 minutes until outer skin is soft.

  4. To seed fresh or dried chili, cut it lengthways and scrape out seeds with the back of the knife blade.

  5. Chop chili very finely.

  6. Heat a wok or a large frying pan, add oil and tilt the pan to spread it over the base.

  7. Stir in chili and French bean, or carrot or parsnip, strips and stir fry over high heat for about 3 minutes until vegetable strips begin to soften.

  8. Lower heat and sprinkle with sake, soy sauce and sugar.

  9. Stir fry over moderate heat until liquid is almost completely absorbed.

  10. Serve hot or at room temperature in one deep serving dish or in small, deep individual dishes.

Serves 4

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