Japanese Recipes

Japanese Recipe

Rice Vinegar: Is a Japanese product found in specialty stores or in special sections of the larger supermarket chains as well as in many health food stores. It is made from fermented rice and has a very mild flavor. Use white wine vinegar or cider vinegar if you can't find it, although the flavor will not be as mild or sweet.

Bean Paste - A thick, salty paste made of fermented soy beans. It's available either pureed or with whole beans. Japanese bean paste is called miso. Do not confuse bean paste with black bean sauce.

Japanese noodles: Soba noodles, which are wide and flat and made from buckwheat flour, and somen noodles, which are made from wheat and are similar in thickness to vermicelli pasta. Udon noodles are made from wheat and are widely available on both coasts, though you may have to go to specialty stores to find them. Cook Japanese noodles according to the package directions and use them as you would any pasta: in soups, stews, and salads. While Japanese noodles usually are egg and oil free, some of the "instant" noodle soups available in packages have added oils.

How to Make Japanese Tempura ?

  1. Chilled Soba Noodles with Nori

  2. Crab Stick Daikon Roll

  3. Grilled Tofu with Miso Sauce

  4. Hand Rolled Sushi

  5. Japanese Rice and Sushi Rice (Sushi-meshi)

  6. Mackerel Sushi

  7. Miso Master Dressing

  8. Mixed Sushi Recipe

  9. Peanut Soba Noodles

  10. Raw Fish and Rice Parcels (Sushi)

  11. Shrimp and Soba Noodle Salad

  12. Sweet Potato and Chestnut Candies (Okashi)

  13. Tentsuyu (Tempura Dipping Sauce)

  14. Vegetable Tempura

  15. Warm Chicken Salad

  16. Yakiudon

Japanese Poultry Cooking Recipes

  1. Aubergine (Eggplant) with Sesame Chicken (Nasu Hasami-age)

  2. Barbecued Glazed Chicken Skewers (Yakitori)

  3. Char Grilled Yuan Chicken

  4. Chicken Loaf with Salad

  5. Chicken with Onion Sauce

  6. Chicken with Wasabi Sauce

  7. Cod Roe Stuffed Chicken

  8. Fried Fish Stuffed Chicken

  9. Grilled Skewered Chicken

  10. Oyako Donburi

  11. Teriyaki Chicken

Japanese Cooking Recipes - Pork

  1. Fried Pork Cutlets

  2. Ginger Pork

  3. Grilled Pork with Miso

  4. Hazelnut Crusted Kurobuta Pork Tonkatsu with Cranberry Sauce and Rocket

  5. Pork and Noodle Stir Fry

  6. Pork with Citrus Soy Sauce

Japanese - Beef

  1. Beef and Vegetables in a Table Top Broth (Shabu Shabu)

  2. Beef Tataki Cooking Recipe

  3. Mixed Griddle

  4. Seared Wagyu Beef Cubes with Red and Yellow Capsicum Coulis

  5. Simmered Beef and Potatoes

  6. Sukiyaki or Pan Cooked Beef

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Japanese Soup Recipes

  1. Clear Soup with Chicken

  2. Clear Soup with Prawns

  3. Daishi Soup

  4. Miso Breakfast Soup (Miso-shiru)

  5. Miso Soup

  6. Miso Soup with Chicken and Udon Noodles

  7. Miso Soup with Tofu

  8. Noodle Soup

  9. Sukiyaki Soup

Japanese Seafood Cooking Recipes

  1. Battered Fish, Prawns (Shrimps) and Vegetables (Tempura)

  2. Crab and Bean Curd (Tofu) Dumplings (Kami-dofu-iridashi)

  3. Ishikari Hot Pot

  4. Japanese Shrimps and Cucumber Salad

  5. Mackerel Tatsuta Fry

  6. Salmon and Nanban Sauce

  7. Salmon Steaks with Teriyaki Sauce

  8. Salt Grilled (Broiled) Mackerel (Shio-yaki)

  9. Seared Scallops with Potato and Parsnip Puree, Green Peppercorn Oil and Sherry Vinegar

  10. Snow Pea (Mange Tout) and Seafood Tempura

  11. Straw Noodle Prawns (Shrimp) in a Sweet Ginger Dip (Age-mono)

  12. Swordfish Teriyaki

  13. Tataki Fish with Shaved Fennel and Green Apple, and Soy-Sesame Vinaigrette

  14. Tempura Recipe

  15. Tofu and Fish Hot Pot

Japanese Cooking Recipes - Vegetables

  1. French Beans Kinpira

  2. Fruit Tomato Wedges with Lemon Pistachio Dressing

  3. Grilled Aubergine


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