Malaysian Tea Time Foods

Malaysian Tea Time Foods

When it comes to food, Malaysians are a blessed lot. Along with a multitude of races and religions in the country come a variety of gastronomical delights wide enough to tempt any palate. It is not surprising then that we are passionate about our meal times where a variety of dishes will be served, accompanied with beverages of various types.

Tea time in Malaysia is no different. A common treat would be heading of to a hotel for a high tea buffet. This is usually done during the weekends when time is all that you have. A usual high tea buffet will comprise of local fare such as bee hoon goreng, roti canai and various kuehs like karpap, popia goreng and kueh lapis. Beverages and desserts usually range from hot drinks like the famous teh tarik and nescafe tarik to cold juices and Chinese sweet soups such as tong sui.

For those unprepared to dish out extra moolah, gathering at the all-time favorite hangout of locals - the mamak stall, is another popular tea-time option. The ambience is convivial and the price is right - which is another reason why we just cannot get enough of these stalls. Usual tea-time mamak fare comprise of greasy (but delicious) plates of mee goreng and tall glasses of air limau ais. An assortment of Indian delicacies such as vadai and tosai are also available at mamak stalls. Forgetting your waistline to indulge in this lip-smacking food is certainly worth the sacrifice!

Too busy to hop to your nearest mamak stall? No worries. A quick dash to local makeshift kueh stalls, normally located by the roadsides, will stock you up on tea-time favorites such as keropok lekor, pisang goreng, keledek goreng and kueh koci. Simply make yourself a hot cup of tea or chocolate to accompany these wonderful local delights.

With so many options and choices of tea-time food, tea time in Malaysia can only mean one things: gastronomical bliss. Where else can we find such a fusion of authentic delicacies if not right here in Malaysia.

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