Mediterranean Recipes

Mediterranean Recipes

The vibrant and rich culture of the Mediterranean people is nowhere more evident than in their colorful cuisine. Deep reds, bright oranges, luminous greens and vivid yellows - they are present in every platter. Each dish is an epicurean union of earth and sea; every meal unfolds a rainbow of colors and textures that excites the senses.

Though it may reflect a culture of indulgence, true Mediterranean cooking embodies a healthy lifestyle. In a nutshell, it is characterized by: heavy use of vegetables, legumes, fruits and cereals; moderate-to-high fish intake; small quantities of saturated fats; heavy doses of monounsaturated fats like olive oil; low-to-moderate amounts of dairy products (mostly feta cheese and yogurt); mineral use of meats; and modest consumption of wine.

The Mediterranean diet has remained fairly consistent throughout the years, but was relegated to the sidelines recently by fad diets. Fortunately, a comeback is in the works. People who follow the Mediterranean diet are more likely to live longer. It also supports the age-old claim that the diet helps patients reduce their risks for heart disease and diabetes. Mediterranean dietary patterns can reduce the risk of cancer and re cardio protective. Because of its unquestionable health benefits, American physicians have been learning the Mediterranean Food Pyramid and how it can be incorporated into their practice.

You can treat your palate and still be good to your body with these gastronomic delights that are, surprisingly, also kind to your heart.

  1. Chicken in Salad Dressing

  2. Chicken with Pineapple Mustard Glaze

  3. Crispy Taro Chicken Steak

  4. Grilled Mediterranean Vegetables

  5. Leek Julienne

  6. Littleneck Clam Stew with Linguine

  7. Mediterranean Couscous Salad with Pink Salmon

  8. Mediterranean Vegetables

  9. Mediterranean Salad

  10. Mediterranean Lamb Cakes with Salsa Verde

  11. Mediterranean Lamb with Vegetables

  12. Bourride

  13. Seafood Moussaka

  14. Sea Pilaf with Seafood Kebab

  15. River Trout Sauteed with Almonds

  16. Tri-Fish Nicoise with Garlic Vinaigrette

  17. Pan-Seared "Vanilla Flavored" Duck Liver

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