Different Cuts of Pork

Different Cuts of Pork

Leg - A large lean joint often boned and rolled, although excellent when cooked on the bone. It can be cut into various sizes of joints which are usually roasted.

Shoulder - Often sub-divided into spare rib and blade. This is a tender cut, available on the bone or boneless. It can be roasted, stuffed, grilled or casseroled.

Spare Rib - Not to be confused with spare ribs, this is a fairly lean joint, from the shoulder, which sometimes has more fat than other joints. It should be moderately priced and has an excellent flavor. Good for roasting, it can also be cut up to braise, casserole or stew.

Spare Ribs - Taken from the belly, they are removed in one piece and then cut up into ribs with the meat left all around the bones. These are very popular and are usually barbecued, grilled or casseroled.

Loin - This is a prime roasting joint which can be bought on or off the bone. It sometimes includes the kidney and can be excellent if stuffed and rolled. The loin is also cut into chops and also boneless chops (or steaks as they are often called) which can be grilled or fried.

Fillet or Tenderloin - A prime piece of meat with very little fat. Very versatile, and excellent for kebabs, escalopes, pan-frying and for grilling or frying. It can also be sliced lengthways and stuffed. Quite expensive but it goes a long way.

Belly - Cheap and fatty but full of flavor, it can be used on and off the bone, either as a joint or cut into slices. Bone and roll it with a stuffing to roast or pot-roast; or use the sliced to grill, fry or casserole, or cook on a barbecue.

Hand and Spring - This is the foreleg of the pig, suitable for roasting, boiling, stewing and casseroling. It is relatively inexpensive and is often minced and used for stuffings, meatballs and pork pates.

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