Different Varieties and Characteristics of Red Grapes Wine

Different Varieties and Characteristics of Red Grapes Wine

Pinot Noir

Wine styles : can produce brilliant scents, texture, flavor and body. Blends sweet fruit with savory complexity. Can be sparkling.

Regions : Burgundy, Champagne, Alsace, Sancerre, Germany, Northern Italy, Switzerland, California, Oregon, Australia and New Zealand


Wine styles : fragrant, fruity, youthful, low tannin

Regions - Beaujolais, Loire, Switzerland

Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine styles : spicy, herby, tannic with characteristic blackcurrant aroma. Blends well with Merlot or Shiraz.

Regions : Bordeaux (Medoc), California, Australia, South America, South Africa and Washington State


Wine styles : medium to full-bodied, sweet / sour-flavored fruit with highish acidity.

Regions : Italy, Argentina, Australia and California


Wine styles : fragrant, fruity and soft. Generally low tannin

Regions : Bordeaux (Pomerol and St Emilion), California, northern Italy, South America and South Africa

Shiraz / Syrah

Wine styles : rich flavored, smoky, tarry and spicy. Tannic when young

Regions : Rhône Valley (northern), southern France, Australia, California, South America and South Africa

Mourvedre (Monastrell. Mataro)

Wine styles : rich, damson-like fruits, powerful

Regions : southern Rhône, south of France, Spain, Australia and California

Cabernet Franc

Wine styles : 'grassy', raspberry fruit, with highish acidity

Regions : the Loire, Bordeaux, northern Italy and Australia


Wine styles : spicy, peppery, strawberry-scented, red and rosé

Regions : southern Rhône, south of France, Spain and Australia


Wine styles : wild strawberry, combining with herby, savory, tobacco-like characteristics

Regions : Rioja, Ribera del Duero (Spain) and Argentina


Wine styles : top vines produce concentrated reds with pronounced tannin and acidity. When mature, cedary, plummy fruit flavors are apparent.

Regions : Tuscany, Romagna, and Marche (Italy) and Argentina


Wine styles : traditionally tannic that requires ageing, or a lighter, fruity, modern style with less tannin. At best, savory and complex

Regions : Piedmonte-Barolo and Barbaresco (Italy) and Australia (Victoria)


Wine styles : 'White-Zin' to red. Best from old vines, oak aged, rich with blackberry fruit flavors, peppery and tangy acidity

Regions : California


Wine styles : often sweet thick, can have overstated esters on the nose. Best are concentrated and earthy

Regions : South Africa and New Zealand


Wine styles : deep color, red pepper aromas, lush, blackberry, blueberry, chocolate flavors

Regions : Chile and Bordeaux

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