Different Types of Cheddar Cheese

Different Types of Cheddar Cheese

If you think there is only one types of cheddar cheese, you are very wrong! According to the Australian Dairy Corporation, there are 13 types of cheddar cheese. So that you will not be cheesed off the next time you are asked what cheddar you would like, here is a short run-down on the various cheddar cheese types.

Processed Cheddar - has a smooth texture with a uniform mild flavor, and is good for sandwiches, on vegetables, in baked goods and salads.

Cheedam - combines the characteristics of Cheddar and Edam cheeses with a fresh and mild flavor. It is used in salads, sauces and cheeseboards.

Steppen - is a firm, low-fat cheese similar to Cotto.

Double Gloucester - has a distinctive high color and a fine, tangy flavor. It is excellent on toast or on cheese boards.

Matured Cheddar - is 6 - 12 months old, and sometimes called 'tasty'. It has a tangy flavor and is ideal for souffles and sauces.

Flavored Cheddar - is usually matured cheddar cheese with a flavor added to it, e.g. port wine, cumin, caraway seed, bacon, garlic, etc.

Cheshire - has a mild, slightly acidic flavor or a more pronounced flavor depending on age. It is an ideal all-purpose cheese.

Cotto - is a fresh, mild-flavored cheese made from skim milk. Ideal for the diet conscious, it is good for grating and slicing.

Flavored Processed Cheddar - has an added ingredient such as pecan nut, spring onion, curry or garlic.

Red Leicester - is noted for its faint lemony bite. Its red is from a natural vegetable dye (annoto); it is an excellent melting cheese.

Vintage Cheddar - has been aged up to 18 months. Also known as 'extra tasty', it has a full-bodied to biting flavor.

Semi Matured Cheddar - has been aged for 3-6 months and has a rich full-bodied, but not sharp, flavor. It is good for the cheeseboard and in soups and quiches.

Mild Cheddar - has been aged for three months and has a delicate children's sandwiches.

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