Drink Tea 101

Drink Tea 101

For many of us, coffee breaks are indispensable. The caffeine in coffee gives us the instant boost to get through the day. The caffeine is still out on the health benefits of caffeine, particularly in coffee, but some studies have shown that moderate amounts of caffeine interspersed throughout the day can help improve focus and boost energy. Too much, however, can cause you to crash later.

Because we are uncertain about the effects of coffee in our system, why not go for a healthier caffeine fix ? For 4,000 years, tea has been a delightful beverage and a balm for many ailments. The term "tea" was used initially for its black variety, but now it includes green, white and herbal infusions, chosen not only for their exotic flavors but their many health benefits as well.

Teas are such a wonderful way to experience the healing benefits of plants. But creating the proper herbal blend is part science, part chemistry, and part art. Below is a list of highly effective concoctions for everyday ailments. Although teas can be brewed individually, blending them together greatly enhances their healing powers. But whatever the blend, remember this basic brewing tip: "Always cover the cup, mug or pot when brewing herbal teas, if you don't, many of the valuable aromatics will simply give the room a wonderful smell while the healing properties of the tea are lost."

Bloating or menstrual discomfort

  • Fennel seed, black horehound, cardamom seed and caraway seed, along with lemon balm and chamomile to calm the system.

Cold and Flu

  • Peppermint, elderflowers and yarrow, with just a touch of ginger and a hearty slice of fresh lemon.


  • Senna (either leaf or pod) mixed with carminatives such as anise (star), galangal, ginger, or celery.

Detoxify after overindulging

  • Oregon grape root, yellow dock root, and boldo to help the liver.
  • Include good diuretics, such as dandelion root with some buchu leaf.
  • Meadowsweet, also known as Queen of the Meadow (the best antacid on the herbal shelf) and peppermint to counteract flatulence.
  • Ginger root stimulates the system and speeds up the process.


  • Rehydrate with a lot of pure water, flavored with a touch of capsicum (cayenne) or ginger, a large touch of chamomile and yarrow, or quite a lot of peppermint.


  • Russian, Brazilian and Chinese ginsengs


  • A cup of valerian root tea taken at about 8pm is the safest and most effective sleep aid. No side effects.

Muscle Soreness

  • Flush out lactic acid with large doses of water and effective diuretics, such as dandelion root and corn silk tea with bearberry leaf

Sore Throat

  • Marshmallow root and slippery elm as soothing demulcents
  • Bayberry bark and chamomile for inflammatory irritation

Upset Stomach

  • Chamomile, peppermint, and centaury herbal teas for mild problems.
  • Black horehound with ice-land moss and elderflower for more severe cases

Now that you have discovered the hidden wealth of wonders in a simple cup of tea, shake off that coffee habit and switch to the better alternative. Certain teas have enough caffeine to perk you up in the morning and keep you going throughout the day. But more importantly, it gives you the bonus of providing a multitude of antioxidants that fight off illness and delay aging. So wake up your senses and start your tea habit today.

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