Fast Foods

Fast Foods

Fast food restaurants can be found in every town and city in the world, with one in every other corner. Whether people admit it or not, most urbanites survive on fast foods out of necessity. After all, how many would actually bring home-cooked food in a tiffin carrier to work? As such, fast foods form breakfast, lunch even diner and supper for many city-slickers.

Unfortunately, fast foods are often associated with unhealthy eating habits. It is a known fact that they are high in fats, salt, cholesterol and sometimes MSG, in order to keep the food tasting delicious. So what can you do if you would like to practice a healthy lifestyle but cannot avoid taking fast foods?

Here is a guide to make the most out of fast foods:

1) Have Variety

Choose different menus all the time so that you get a balanced diet. For instance, if you had a hearty breakfast at McDonalds, go for noodles, soup or something light during lunch.

2) Don't be Deceived

Think you are eating healthily by having a salad or a pack of low-fat potato chips for lunch? Some foods may be fattening by themselves. For example, 'low fat' potato chips may be high in fat and may contribute to raising your cholesterol level, because high-fat foods cause the formation of cholesterol in the body, even if the food itself contains no cholesterol. In the same way, the toppings to your salad or fillings in your sandwich may contain the same amount of calories as having a full meat.

3) Downsize

Instead of the large sizes, opt for regular or small. You will be surprised at how much difference it can make to your overall calorie intake, as one piece of chicken less may save you many more rounds of exercise to lose the excess calories.

4) Cook it Right

Whenever possible, opt for healthier cooking method such as roasted or steamed instead of deep-fried. Somehow it is easier to remember when cooking at home but the common sense seems to fly out of the window when we are eating out!

5) Hidden Dangers

Before you congratulate yourself for having a bowl of porridge while your friends order fried chicken, take a closer look at what you are drinking. For some people, one large glass of soft drink which equivalent of 300 calories is equivalent to an entire meal. The sugars and calories in your drinks matter as much as what you are eating!

6) Have lots of veggies

Vegetables are a good source of fiber, nutrients and vitamins. However, if you are in a Western food joint, stick to the greens and don't order extra fries as they are not considered vegetables! French fries contain as much calories as a main meal and not a 'side dish' as normally categorized.

Fast foods may not necessarily become fat food if you make a conscious choice to eat healthily wherever you are. The occasional treat is fine but too much of a good thing may lead you to the emergency ward before your time!

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