How to Prepare Healthy Diet Meal

How to Prepare Healthy Diet Meal

Hawker foods can be high in energy, mainly due to the high fat content. Often they are also high in salt, and simple sugars. However, there is no need to give up your favorite hawker foods because of diabetes. With the current emphasis on quality service, it is becoming more acceptable to request for your favorite dish to be prepared in a healthier way. This can make a considerable difference to the nutritional value of your choices. By making slight modifications, home recipes can also be made healthier with less oil and fat (especially saturated fats).

- Ask for half the normal amount of oil used in cooking. This can mean 40% less fat for a plate of fried noodles.

- Leave behind the gravy. This reduces saturated fat by about 50%.

- Ask for less organ meats, and more lean meat. This cuts the cholesterol from a normal serving by about 30%.

- Ask for smaller servings. Small orders of oyster omelets can mean 30% less energy compared to the larger servings.

- Ask for the skin to be removed. This reduces the fat content of a dish such as briyani by about 15%.

- Ask for a serving of vegetables at rice stalls. This adds at least 35% more dietary fiber to the meal.

- Ask for no gravy on rice. This reduces the sodium content in a plate of chicken rice by about 25%.

- Avoid desserts with heavy syrups. Select from the wide variety of fresh fruit instead.

- Choose cooking methods that use little or no added oil, and fat. Use methods such as grilling, dry-roasting, stir-frying, microwaving, boiling or steaming.

- Use unsaturated cooking oils such as soybean oil, safflower oil, corn oil, peanut oil, olive oil or sesame oil.

- Cook with a non-stick pan to cut down on the use of oil or fat. Brush the wok or pan with oil, and cook over moderate heat to avoid food sticking to the pan.

- Choose lean cuts of meat, and trim off visible fat. Also remove skin from meat, and poultry.

- When grilling or roasting, baste the meat with wine, water or stock instead of oil.

- Replace coconut milk with skim / low fat milk or low fat unsweetened yogurt.

- Replace oil, and mayonnaise dressing in salads with low fat unsweetened yogurt. Sweeten with artificial sweetener. Flavor with herbs, spices, minced onions garlic, chilies, lime or lemon juice.

- Avoid coating food for deep-frying with batter, and always drain the excess oil on kitchen paper towels.

- Chill soups, and stews in the refrigerator. The layer of solidified fat can then be removed.

- For recipes using water, always replace the butter with polyunsaturated margarine. Try to further reduced the quantity required.

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