Tips on Thinning Out the Grease and Removing Body Heat

Tips on Thinning Out the Grease and Removing Body Heat

Festivals are always accompanied by big filling feasts. To stay healthy and slim, you must bear in mind a few tricks for thinning out the grease and removing body heat.

In the cold winter, we all have cravings for hot food to stay warm. Particularly when it's cold and it's the festive season, you'd even more likely to have a line-up of dinners jamming your busy schedule. It's such a great occasion to catch up with your family and relatives while enjoying the good food. Yet, no one can be exempted from the indigestion and sore throat after the endless feasts of greasy and deep fried food. It's not easy to enjoy the food while staying slim and healthy, but here are a few tips that make your life a little easier.

Massage yourself -

  • Put your hands around your stomach and stroke gently in counterclockwise direction for 15-20 minutes. It alleviates flatulence.

  • Put your hands at the center of your belly and stroke gently in clockwise direction for 15-20 minutes. It helps digestion.

To prevent indigestion -

  • Drink a cup of tea after the meal. Pu Er, Iron Buddha and Oolong Tea work best.

  • Always remind yourself to eat in moderation, especially when it comes to greasy deep fried food.

  • Fresh sour fruit juice helps break down the grease. Try pomelo tea or fresh lemon juice.

  • Taking a walk after the meal helps digestion and eases stomach upset.

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