Famous Irish Stew

Famous Irish Stew

Irish stew is supposed to be thick, hearty, and flavorful; a mélange of lamb chops and vegetables well-seasoned with salt, pepper, and a bit of thyme.

Unlike beef stew, which really needs the meat to be browned first, it's ideally suited to stewing in a slow cooker, which brings it to tender perfection. This dish does need to cook for a long time, but because it's in the slow cooker, it's completely unattended, so your hands-on time preparing it is under 10 minutes. Put it in the pot before you leave for work, and when you come home, it's as if a magic fairy go dinner ready.

Season with a generous hand. Irish stew should be pale but not bland.

Slow Cooker Irish Stew Recipes

Lamb is the authentic meat for Irish stew, but you can also make a good version by substituting 2 pounds of stew beef, cut into 1-inch cubes.

Cut your preparation time and make assembling this stew even faster by buying a bag of prescrubbed potatoes, that need nothing more than a quick rinse, and prepeeled carrots. Slice in the food processor with the onions and proceed.

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