Different Types of Martell Cognac

Different Types of Martell Cognac

Martell - Lading the way presenting a luxurious selection of fine cognacs.

Martell XO - A luxurious treat for true connoisseurs

The "bridge from Cognac tradition to today's lifestyles and tastes" inspired the elegant Martell XO arched bottle. Combining a rich complex character with elegance and finesse, Martell elevates XO cognac to a level of unparalleled exquisiteness born of the tradition of connoisseurship, quality and innovation of founder Jean Martell.

The new blend is a sensual experience in itself - round and fruity on the tongue with a long and silky final note. Expect sophistication and elegance that elevates pleasure to an art form.

Martell Cordon Bleu - Honour gained for excellence

Excluding the confident look of unmatched sophistication, Martell Cordon Bleu is a portrait of immaculate styling. It's impressive new design intensifies the prestigious status of this ultra premium cognac.

Floral and spicy in golden copper, this flavor of perfection is rich in fruit and wood with a delicate aftertaste.

Martell VSOP - Blended for royalty

The regal personality of this superior cognac is underlined by the lavish use of warm and brighter colors. And this further accentuated on the label bearing a highly detailed crest engraved with the portrait of Louis XIV, the Sun King to create a superior statement on the character and superiority of Martell VSOP.

Smooth and mellow with dry fruit with a dash of grape and vanilla, and distinctive cognac celebrates the passion to rise above.

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