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French Recipe

Good food and France are synonymous. Evidence of this lies not just in the tradition of French haute cuisine, which is practiced and appreciated in almost every important hotel and restaurant the world over, but in the simple cooking of the small provincial restaurants and auberges found all over France, and in ordinary French homes.  The recipes are typical of the sort of cooking practiced by French housewives, most of who would have some acquaintance with all the dishes described.

In France, food is treated with respect, and at every level of French life there is an innate understanding and appreciation of food and its characteristics. This understanding is shown by the knowledge and skill that the French display in choosing and judging the wide variety of French cheeses that are on sale throughout the country.

The French talk without affectation about the foods they eat and the wines that go with them. In the evenings and at weekends the hypermarkets are crowded with couples choosing food together. The ability to cook is a skill and a craft which people - both men and women - are proud to possess. French housewives, even those with jobs outside the home, delight in the style of their meals. A tradition of care and skill in the preparation of food is handed down by example from mother to daughter. Moreover, Frenchwomen expect to know how to construct a meal, just as they know how to choose vegetables and meat.

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French Soups Recipes

  1. Artichoke Salad (artichauts vinaigrettes)

  2. Cream of Artichoke Soup (Potage Creme D'Artichauts)

  3. Baked Eggs with Cream

  4. Bean and Leek Soup (Creme D'Haricots)

  5. Burgundian Cheese Pastry

  6. Celeriac Soup with Cheese Croutes (Soupe Au Celeri-Rave)

  7. Crab Bisque (Bisque De Crabe)

  8. Cream of Pumpkin (Soupe Au Potiron)

  9. Cream of Shellfish Soup (Creme De Coquillages)

  10. Easster Pate

  11. French Onion Soup

  12. Onion Soup (Soupe A L'Oignon)

  13. Fried Choux Pastry with Crab

  14. Hearty Vegetable Soup (Garbure)

  15. Leek Quiche

  16. Mackerel in White Wine

  17. Mixed Fish Soup (Bouillabaisse)

  18. Rillettes of Pork

  19. Salade Nicoise

  20. Scallops in White Wine

  21. Spinach Pasties

  22. Stuffed Mussels

  23. Terrine of Game

  24. Tomato and Tarragon Soup (Soupe Aux Tomates Et A L'Estragon)

  25. Vegetable Soup with Basil and Garlic (La Soupe Au Pistou)

French Fish, Seafood Recipes

  1. Court-Bouillon

  2. Crab and Vegetable Soup

  3. Fried Haddock with Tomatoes and Olives

  4. Haddock Poached in White Wine

  5. Mackerel in Cream

  6. Bouillabaisse

  7. Mock Bouillabaisse

  8. Moules Marinieres

  9. Salt Cod with Tomatoes and Peppers

  10. Skate with Capers

  11. Sole Fried in Butter

  12. Sole with Prawns and Mushrooms

  13. Trout in a Red Wine Sauce

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Filet de Boeuf en Croute

French Meat Recipes

  1. Beef in Red Wine

  2. Beefsteak with Red Wine Sauce

  3. Casserole of Beef with Red Wine

  4. Goulash with Beer

  5. Minced Steaks

  6. Pot au feu

  7. Steak with Garlic

  8. Steak with Green Peppercorns

  9. Braised Shoulder of Lamb

  10. Grilled Lamb Chops with Thyme

  11. Roast Lamb with Juniper Berries

  12. Braised Pork with Leeks

  13. Casserole of Pork and Beans

  14. Pork Chops with Apples and Oranges

  15. Pork Chops with Gherkins

  16. Ham with Sage in a Pastry Case

  17. Braised Duck with Green Peas

  18. Crisp-fried Duck with Lemon Sauce

  19. Duckling a l'Orange

  20. Goose with Onion Sage Stuffing

  21. Roast Goose

  22. Auvergne Rabbit Casserole

  23. Rabbit with Olives

  24. Pigeons in Red Wine

  25. Turkey Stuffed with Chestnuts

  26. Garnish Game Hens with Cranberry Gravy

French Sauces, Dressing and Marinades Recipes

  1. Basic Brown Sauce

  2. Basic White Sauce

  3. Bearnaise Sauce

  4. Beurre Manie

  5. Black Butter Sauce

  6. Brown Sauce Madeira

  7. Devilled Sauce

  8. Chili Flavored Garlic Mayonnaise

  9. Garlic Sauce from Provence

  10. Hollandaise Sauce

  11. Lemon Marinade (Marinade De Citron)

  12. Orange Flavored Hollandaise

  13. Mayonnaise

  14. Mayonnaise with Capers and Gherkins

  15. Onion Sauce

  16. Parsley Butter

  17. Pimento and Garlic Sauce (Rouille)

  18. Pistou

  19. Rich White Sauce

  20. Rich White Sauce with Onions and Mushrooms

  21. Sauce Choron

  22. Sauce Robert

  23. Tomato Sauce

  24. Tomato Sauce (Sauce De Tomates)

  25. Vinaigrette Dressing (Sauce Vinaigrette)

  26. White Sauce with Mussels

  27. White Wine Marinade (Marinade De Vin Blanc)


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