French Cuisine - How to Prepare Duck Breast ?

French Cuisine - How to Prepare Duck Breast ?

Duck tastes best if stewed or double-steamed in pieces or in whole. Imported duck breasts and thighs from France are available from supermarkets. French duck has thicker flesh and is of a better quality and can be cooked in different ways. Duck breast has a stronger flavor than chicken breast and is wrapped in a layer or neatly checked skin. Once you have a bite, you have fall for it. But duck meat is tougher and that is why the right heat is the key to a tasty duck dish. Duck, of course, can be cooked whole and the juice combines nicely with the sauce to an aromatic perfection.

How to prepare duck breast:

1) Thaw frozen duck breast slowly on the lower shelf of the refrigerator. Take it out from the fridge and wipe off the blood. Then they can be cooked.
2) The skin of duck contains a lot of fat. Do not trim it as it enhances the taste of duck breast and helps avoid the meat from drying up.
3) Choose those duck breasts with thick flesh.
4) The light smell of duck adds a special touch to the dishes.

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