Terrine of Game Recipe

Terrine of Game (terrine de gibier) Recipes

Ingredients :

at least 6 oz of one of the following: cooked venison, hare, rabbit, grouse, pheasant, pigeon (if using uncooked meat, simmer in a little stock until the meat comes off the bone)

1.75lb lean pork

1.5lb fat belly pork

3 tbsp brandy

3.5fl oz dry white wine

2 heaped tbsp chopped parsley

3 medium eggs

1 tsp quatre-epices or mixed spice

2 tsp freshly ground black pepper

2 tsp salt, or more if necessary

8 oz pork fat, in one piece

Method :

Cut the game meat off the bones; save a few larger pieces to put in whole. Weigh the rest of the meat and make it up to 1.5lb with the lean pork. Mince the game, lean pork and belly together. Mix in the brandy, wine, parsley and beaten eggs. Season well, bearing in mind that seasoning fades with cooking, and leave overnight.

Line a large loaf tin or pate bowl with strips of pork fat beaten out with a wooden spoon until they are very thin, and put in half the minced meat. Lay the reserved pieces of game on top and cover with the remaining mince. Cover with greaseproof paper and tin-foil and bake, standing in a pan of water, in a moderate oven 180C, 350F, Gas 4 for 2 hours. Remove the tin-foil and greaseproof paper 30 minutes before the end of cooking. Press while cooling. Serve cold.

Serves 8

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