Abalone In Oyster Sauce Recipe

Abalone In Oyster Sauce Recipes

Ingredients :

454 g






1 tablespoon

1 teaspoon

1 tablespoon

3/4 cup

1/2 tablespoon

canned abalone

dried Chinese mushrooms

Chinese mustard cabbage leaves

spring onions

hot water


oyster sauce

thin soy sauce

Chinese wine



Method :
  1. Drain the liquid from the can of abalone.

  2. Slice the abalone into very thin slices.

  3. Soak the mushrooms in hot water for 30 minutes.

  4. Slice each mushrooms into 4.

  5. Cut the cabbage into bite sized pieces.

  6. Cut the spring onions into similar lengths.

  7. Combine the oyster sauce, soy sauce and wine.

  8. Mix the corn flour with water until smooth and add to the above mixture.

  9. Stirring constantly, bring to the boil in a small pan.

  10. Add the mushrooms, cabbage and spring onions.

  11. Cook, stirring constantly until the vegetables are tender but still crisp.

  12. This should take about a couple of minutes.

  13. Put in the abalone and heat over a low temperature.

  14. Be careful not to cook the abalone on high heat or for longer than necessary or it will toughen.

Serves 4 - 6

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