Crispy Fried Tempe (Kerepek Tempe) Recipe

Crispy Fried Tempe (Kerepek Tempe) Recipes

Ingredients :

600g tempe / fermented soybean cake (sliced into 3.5 x 5 cm pieces)

100ml water

1/2 tsp slaked lime water

100g rice flour, 25g cornflour (mixed)

oil for deep-frying

chili sauce for serving


Spice Ingredients:

4 candlenuts, 1 clove garlic, 1 tsp coriander seeds, salt to taste, 1 cm fresh kencur (blended to a paste with 100ml water)

Method :

Mix the spice paste with water and slaked lime water. Add the mixed rice flour and cornflour to form a smooth batter.

Heat oil in a wok, making sure that the oil is not too hot. (Otherwise, the batter and the tempe will not be evenly cooked.)

Dip the tempe in the batter and deep-fry until tempe is golden and crisp. Serve hot with chili sauce.

Serves 5-6

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