Singaporean Singapore Food Cooking Recipes

Singaporean Singapore Food Cooking Recipes

Singaporeans are passionate about food; they discuss it endlessly and with unflagging interest. Word of a newly created dish spreads with lightning speed. Singaporeans are not snobbish about their eating establishments. The creativity of a new food stall cook is just as gladly hailed as one in an air-conditioned temple of gastronomy.

Southern Nyonya food is synonymous with Singapore. Singaporean Malays eat noodles doused with curry sauce, Indians perfume their curries with star anise and lemongrass, and the Chinese happily consume quantities of Malay satays. Originally from Indonesia, satays are undoubtedly Singapore's favorite dish, served with rice cakes, wrapped in banana leaves. Thousand of charcoal fires all over the city, from dusk to dawn, waft the scent of grilling meat, chicken and shrimp into the night air.

Proximity to the Malays has engendered in the Singaporean a taste for a little spice in their food. Hot sambals are served with dishes, chilies find their way into spring rolls, and pickled green chilies frequently grace Singaporean dinner tables

In Singapore every kitchen will almost certainly have a modern gas stove. The kitchen will be equipped with a wok or kuali for stir-frying. Regular saucepans are used for simmering foods and making soups. Sharp cleavers and knives are a necessity, as is a chopping block, a mortar and pestle, a grinding stone for pulverizing spices and roots, and a grater for grating coconut.

  1. Chilli Crabs

  2. Crisp Curried Prawns (Shrimps)

  3. Kuih (Kueh) Pai Tee - Top Hat filled with Crab and Vegetables

  4. Shrimp in Spicy Bean Sauce

  5. Crispy Fried Tempe (Kerepek Tempe)

  6. Green Papaya Salad

  7. Singapore Chili Crab

  8. Singapore Pepper Crab

  9. Singapore Poh Pia (Fresh Vegetable Spring Rolls)

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  1. Singapore Noodles

  2. Singapore Chicken in Coconut Milk with Ginger

  3. Singapore Roast Chicken

  4. Singapore Steamboat


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