Potato Boats Recipe

Potato Boats Recipes

Ingredients :

3 chicken meat sausages

6 potatoes - 600g

1/2 carrot (in two pieces)

1 stalk celery

Chinese parsley


1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp sugar

2 tbsp fresh milk

1 tbsp grated cheese

2 tsp butter

pinch of pepper, optional

Method :

Rinse sausages in boiled water. Drain well and dice. Grate one piece of carrot. Cut the other piece into wedges. Finely shred celery. Wash potatoes. Cook until soft (water level should be sufficient to cover contents). Remove and allow to cool. Halve and scoop out flesh (set aside potato skins). Mash potato while hot. Add seasoning and mix well with diced sausage to form filling. Put filling into potato skins. Garnish with Chinese parsley. Arrange shredded carrot and shredded celery on the plate. Arrange potato boats on top.

Serves 2 - 4

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