Valentines Day Recipes

Valentines Day Recipes

February 14 is universally celebrated as St. Valentine's Day. A day devoted to lovers with romance in the air as love embraces all. The very term 'Valentine' is now synonymous with love, passion and fevered ardor yet its history is far from romantic as the original festival was dedicated to the wolves! Below listed is the perfect recipes for your Valentines Day's Dinner to be share with your loves one.

The History of Valentine's Day

  1. Crispy Vegetable Fritters

  2. Deep Fried Scallops

  3. Fried Beans and Sliced Sweet Potato Assortment

  4. Fried Crunchy Dumpling

  5. Fried Dumplings with Red Bean Mash

  6. Fried Shrimps with Bean Thread Noodles

  7. Peach Sausage Skewers

  8. Pop Corn and Nuts

  9. Potato Balls with Beef

  10. Potato Boats

  11. Potato Chicken Croquettes

  12. Rice Balls in Conpoy Soup

  13. Sausage and Eggs Sandwiches

  14. Stuffed Chicken Wings

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  1. Sweet Honeydew Melon and Sago Soup

  2. Tangy Chicken with Peach

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