Sausage and Eggs Sandwiches Recipe

Sausage and Eggs Sandwiches Recipes

Ingredients :

6 pieces white bread

1 stalk small green cucumber

2 slices ham

2 tomatoes

2 boiled eggs



salad dressing



Method :

Wash green cucumber and tomatoes with cold boiled water. Wipe dry and cut into thin slices. Rinse lettuce in cold boiled water. Wipe dry and tear into small pieces. Slice ham, sausage and boiled eggs. Beat butter into creamy consistency. Cut bread into rectangular shapes or any desired shaped. Brush a layer of butter cream on top. Put green cucumber or lettuce and egg with tomato or ham on top. Then put a piece of bread on top. Fix with a small bamboo stick and cherry. Brush with salad dressing. Serve.

Serves 4 - 6

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