Beans Cooked In A Flask Recipe

Beans Cooked In A Flask Recipes

Ingredients :

750 g


125 ml




freshly hulled cannellini beans or 350g dried cannellini beans,soaked for 12 hours


extra virgin olive oil

cloves garlic, whole

fresh sage leaves

cherry tomatoes, skins pricked with a fork

freshly ground black pepper

water, sufficient to fill the flask to three quarters

Method :
  1. Feed the beans into the flask.

  2. Pour in the oil, add the garlic, sage, tomatoes, salt and pepper, then top up with the water.

  3. Cork up the flask tightly and place the bulbous end deep among the barely glowing embers of a weed fire to cook gently for several hours.

  4. Theses flasks used to be left in the embers last thing at night.

  5. By the morning the beans were cooked.

  6. Tip the beans out of the flask.

  7. Discard the garlic and sage and serve, with an extra drizzle of olive oil, salt, and freshly ground black pepper.

Serves 4

Preparation        : 10 minutes

Cooking             : 3 hours

Recipe grading    : easy

Suggested wine  : a young, dry red (Chianti dei Colli Fiorentini)

This is a traditional Florentine recipe which may appeal to the adventurous cook as an enjoyable experiment. You will need an empty, straw wrapped Tuscan wine bottle and its cork. Remove the straw, leaving a glass flask. In the modern version of this recipe the beans are cooked in a special earthenware container like the one shown here. If you do try this recipe, be sure to place the bottle in the dying embers and not in the flames. If you put it in the flames, it may well explode.

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