Grilled Vegetables Recipes

Grilled Vegetables Recipe

This is where you can let your imagination go wild - there are so many vegetables to choose from. My favorites are listed below. All you need is "butter" spray for most fresh vegetables, and heavy-duty aluminum foil and for those to be wrapped. Be sure to re-spray the grill with nonstick cooking spray. Veggies don't take very long to cook, so watch carefully and continue to baste, turning to desired doneness.

CORN ON THE COB - Turn husks down, but don't take them off. Remove corn silk. Rewrap corn, securing husks with string. Soak corn in water for 20 minutes, then shake off excess. Place on barbecue and turn in quarter turns until done (10-15 minutes at most). Remove husks, spray corn with "butter" spray, and salt and pepper to taste

Per Serving (one cob)

97 calories

3g protein

19g carbohydrates

1g fat

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