Trout in a Red Wine Sauce (raie aux capres)Recipe

Trout in a Red Wine Sauce (raie aux capres) Recipes

Ingredients :

1 pint court-bouillon made with red wine

2 tbsp flour

3 oz butter

salt, pepper

4 trout or delicate flavored sea fish, such as filleted lemon sole, plaice or turbot

Method :

Make the red-wine court-bouillon. Wash and gut the trout and gently poach them in the court-bouillon for 15 minutes. Then lift them out carefully and keep warm on a serving dish covered with tinfoil.

Boil down the stock to reduce it by about half. Work the flour into 2oz of the butter and strain the stock into it. Return to the pan and simmer for 10 minutes.

Beat in the remaining butter, check the seasoning and pour the sauce over the trout. Serve very hot, garnished with large croutons.

Serves 4

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