Mexican Recipes

Mexican Recipe

Red Kidney Beans (Chili Beans) - Richly-colored kidney beans which are particularly popular in Mexican dishes. They must be boiled hard at the beginning of cooking to destroy any toxic elements.

Kidney Beans - Are sweet tasting. Used extensively in Mexican cooking and as a bulking agent for minced dishes. They are available canned or dried.

Nopalitos - chunks of an edible cactus - are used as a vegetable in Mexico, and are the basics of several salads, soups and bakes. Tomatilos (Mexican green tomatoes) are not to be confused with ordinary green unripe tomatoes. Look for them, canned, in specialty markets and food shops.

  1. Beef with Cactus Pieces

  2. Chili Bean Bolognese Sauce

  3. Chili Beef Tortilla

  4. Chili Courgettes

  5. Cilantro Salsa

  6. Frijoles

  7. Honeyed Chicken Pieces

  8. Bream in a Couscous Jacket with Tomato and Mint

  9. Fish Stew

  10. Lamb Stew

  11. Mexican Bean Salad

  12. Mexican Crevice South Texas Style

  13. Mexicale Pie with Cornmeal Dumplings

  14. Mexican Red Snapper with Lime and Coriander

  15. Mexican Rose Almonds

  16. Mexican Salad

  17. Mexican Style Chili

  18. Mexican Style Pizzas

  19. Mexican Style Rice

  20. Mexican Summer Stew

  21. Mexican Tortillas

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  1. Mole Poblano de Guajolote

  2. Picadillo

  3. Scrambled Mexican Tofu

  4. Speedy Burritos

  5. Spicy Fried Chicken

  6. Spicy Mexican Rice

  7. Wild Rice Salad


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