Kids Recipes

Kids Recipes

101 Cooking Recipes provides recipes for dishes such as Bread Toy Car, Little Omelets Fish with Rice, Mini Egg Sun. The ingredients are simple but the results are so lovely that children will be keen to eat. Meal-times become happy again. Also, the cooking and preparation are simple. Enjoy some family time - kids and parents together - preparing these delicious meals. Children will have fun enjoying a balanced and nutritious diet. When you have got a playdate going on at home and suddenly realize it's tea time with a houseful of hungry kids, here's something nutritious you can whip up in a jiffy. It's colorful enough to attract their attention, tasty enough for fussy eaters to want to try it, and can be made with leftovers or whatever's in the fridge or pantry.

Consider an attractive and colorful salad using both red and green apples left unpeeled. Its sweet taste and crunchy texture will make it a great hit, especially with children who have trouble eating their vegetables.

Include fish in your family's diet as a source of the essential fatty acids important for brain function (especially for kids). The B vitamins found in nutritional yeast and green leafy vegetable support and strengthen the nerves.

Breast Milk Supports the Growth of Friendly Bacteria (Bifidobacteria) in the Child's

Nutrition Requirements for Kids

Nutrition Which Enhances Your Children's Immunity

  1. Apple Rabbit Salad

  2. Bacon Asparagus Pen

  3. Baked Pumpkin Cups

  4. Bean Bake

  5. Beef Dough Balls

  6. Bungie Squid

  7. Calzone

  8. Cheese and Chikuwa Fish Roll Skewer

  9. Cheeseburgers

  10. Cheese, Corn and Ham Cups

  11. Chili Con Carne

  12. Clown Sundae

  13. Corn Cucumber Salad

  14. Crab Stick Toast

  15. Crowd Pleaser

  16. Flower Cluster

  17. Golden Sweet Potato

  18. Hamburger Steak Monkey

  19. Little Omelette with Fish Rice

  20. Meat Roll Pussy Palm

  21. Minced Chicken Breast in Egg

  22. Mini Egg Sun

  23. Mixed Vegetable Tree

  24. Pastoral Rice Box

  25. Popovers

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  1. Red Bean Joysticks

  2. Rice Dumpling Football

  3. Rice Dumpling Rabbit

  4. Salmon Mushrooms

  5. Salty Minced Beef Wheel

  6. Sausage Carrot

  7. Sausage Crab Spaghetti

  8. Sausage Octopus

  9. Shrimp Rings

  10. Stuffed Naan

  11. Tuna Sandwich with Bean Salad


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