Seafood Recipes

Seafood Recipe

Seafood is easily available, an exciting variety of fish, succulent shrimps (prawns), fresh squid, crabs and other delights from the seas surrounding our world find their way to our markets. It is also an undeniable fact that seafood is highly nutritious - low in fats, high in proteins, and has a good combination of the necessary minerals and B vitamins. Whether prepared simply or in an elaborated manner, seafood is tasty.

Among all cooking methods, steaming is no doubt the best in retaining taste, especially that of seafood. Steamed dishes are low in fat and therefore very suitable for the family and for those who are health conscious. Preparation for steaming is quick and simple as one only has to place the prepared ingredients on the plate over a wire rack with boiling water below. Alternatively, it can be placed over some half-coked rice. In order to achieve the best result, different cooking techniques of meat, seafood, egg and bean curd should be used. Moreover, seasoning, quantity, time and heat are very important. Any deviation can spoil the desired taste.

More Seafood Recipes

  1. Apple with Assorted Seafood and Cashew nuts

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  17. Shrimp Pears with Walnut Cream Sauce

  18. Stir Fried Shrimps and Grouper Fillet with Cashew Nuts

  19. X. O. Shrimps with Orange

  20. Sour Squid

  21. Steamed Clams with Garlic Sauce

  22. Pea Green Seafood Rings

  23. Steamed Big Fish with Satay Paste

  24. Swordfish Steaks in White Wine and Tomatoes

  25. Tuna Steaks with Sun Dried Tomatoes

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  1. Lobster Thermidor

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Seafood Soup (Chowder) Recipes

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  3. Lobster Chowder

  4. Marinated Shrimp

  5. Deep Fried Oysters

  6. Oyster Chowder

  7. Salmon Bisque

  8. Shrimp Creole Soup


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